LuaTeX format with extended plainTeX macros

Petr Olsak, 2020

cz Cesky



optex-09.zip (9 Apr 2020)
optex-08.zip (31 Mar 2020)
optex-07.zip (20 Mar 2020)
optex-06.zip (14 Mar 2020)
optex-05.zip (26 Feb 2020)
optex-04.zip (23 Feb 2020)
optex-03.zip (18 Feb 2020)
optex-02.zip (10 Feb 2020)

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OpTeX is a LuaTeX format based on Plain TeX macros (by Donald Knuth) and on OPmac macros. The main features are:

  • OpTeX keeps the simplicity (like in plain TeX and OPmac macros).
  • There is no old obscurities concerning with various 8-bit encodings and various engines. We are using only Unicode and only LuaTeX.
  • OpTeX provides a powerful font selection system (for Unicode font families, of course).
  • OpTeX supports hyphenations of all languages installed in your TeX system.
  • All features from OPmac macros are copied (for example, you can see opmac-prospectus.pdf)
  • Macros are documented in the same place where code is (macros for printing this documentation will come in the future).
  • User name space of control sequences is separated from internal name space of OpTeX and primitives (\foo versus \_foo).

OpTeX should be a modern plain TeX with power from OPmac (fonts selection system, colors, external graphics, references, hyperlinks...) with unicode fonts.

Disclaimer: This project is in very early Alpha version. There is many TODO phrases in the OpTeX files. I'll be happy if you help me with giving new ideas, testing, documenting, coding...

Installation: Use TeXlive (for example) and unzip the installation file. Run:

   unzip optex-(version).zip
   cd optex
   luatex -ini optex.ini

The format file is generated. Copy the optex.fmt file somewhere to your TeX system where format files can be read by LuaTeX. Copy *.opm files to a directory where LuaTeX can read them. For example:

   mkdir -p ~/texmf/web2c/luatex/ ~/texmf/tex/optex/
   cp optex.fmt ~/texmf/web2c/luatex/
   cp *.opm ~/texmf/tex/optex/
You can process your document by
   luatex -fmt optex document.tex 

or you can create an alias with name optex (to luatex -fmt optex) in your system. You can try luatex -fmt optex demo.tex if the files demo.tex and ring.png are in your actual directory.

See optex.ini file and more *.opm files for a documentation. Sorry, the documentation is very far to complete.

License: Public domanin. More precisely, it is the same as for OPmac macros.